Redding Royals Spring Break Camp

Improve your soccer skills and make new friends at the Royals Youth Soccer Camp! Players will engage in fun soccer drills and games that will develop their confidence, character, and ability to work as a team.

We are excited to offer a positive environment and activities that will inspire players to compete with the Royals’ core values: respect, honor, integrity, discipline, selflessness, and excellence.

They will receive instruction from our passionate and experienced coaching staff led by former Royals captain, Brendan Ackley. Players will also be coached by the Missfits Moxie Head Coach and former captain of the Lady Royals, Michaela Carrera and Redding Royals former player and experienced CalSouth Coach, James Choi. Players will also meet local and international players from the Redding Royals FC men’s team.

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